A message for your tiny penis SPH

I have a message for your tiny penis. That useless, shameful thing.
a message for your tiny penis sph femdom
I don’t want to talk to you today, I’d rather speak directly to your tiny penis. I want it to know what I really think of it. Perhaps it will shrivel up and hide away inside when it hears what all women think of it. It’s so ugly and worthless, it’d be an insult to women to call it a clit. Perhaps if you wish really hard it will transform from a useless worm to a pretty clitty. Make your ugly little cock shrivel away in shame, make it limp and useless forever.

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you don't compare to real men small penis humilation
You’re such a pathetic jerk junkie. You can’t keep your hands off it, weakling! It’s not like you have an alternative. It’s not like when I’m horny, a willing cock is only a text away for Me. But who would come to fuck you? No one. Even if they did, you’d be dreadful at it. You could never please anyone. You’ll never know what it’s like to hear a woman gasp as you enter her. And you can’t change the small dick energy you radiate. While you scroll through My clip store, I scroll through My contacts list picking out who I want to fuck. You’ll never know what it’s like, EVER!

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Did you think I would never find out about your huge porn collection? And your browser history? I’ve seen your accounts on those websites, I’ve seen the things you’ve written about Me. Your fantasies about being a locked sissy cuckold, made to watch while I fuck other men, huh? Well that’s just fine. I’ve cancelled your credit cards, moved your things into the attic and I’ve bought you a chastity device. You’re not going to enjoy your life as a sissy cuckold as much as you thought you would, but I certainly will.

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