Locked mindfucked sissygasm (poppers)

Why don’t we get started by locking your clitty away in your chastity cage. We don’t need that ugly, useless clitty today. We do need some sniffers, lube and a butt plug. No clittygasms for you today, just sissygasms! Take a big sniff and slip a finger inside your boy pussy for Me. That’s it, good slut. You’re going to stretch out that hole. It doesn’t matter if you’re stretched out an used up, that’s how all sniffing sissy sluts should be! Work that slutty hole until you squirt for Me!/em>

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Get a bottle and your favourite dildo! I know you have a favourite. You touch your cock as you inhale deeply, you know where that leads… You can’t help it. You can’t stop thinking about cock. Every inhale makes you want it more. You ache to have your ass stuffed full while your head buzzes, to have your throat fucked while the rush lashes over you. You love it and you hate yourself for it, but you can’t help it. You can’t stop it. So inhale for Me, inhale and fuck yourself.

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