Born to take your money

Some things just come naturally to us. You know what you are, you know your role. You know that in order to worship Me you must pay Me. In order to get My attention, you must earn it. You know that unless you please Me I will find no time for you at all. You don’t like the sound of that, do you? No. For the most part I do pretend that none of you exist, but here I am allowing you to look at Me in these sexy fishnets and high heels, isn’t that kind of Me? You know why though, don’t you? I enjoy tormenting you. I know how you try to fight the urge, to resist your true nature, to be normal! But one look at Me like this brings you to your knees. You feel My power, don’t you? I feel it. Power is sexy. Power cannot be faked. I was born to ruin you. I was born to take your money!

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Pick you jaw up off the floor. I know, My tits look amazing and you can’t wait to pay to stroke to them. You’re crazy for My tits, you can’t get enough. You want to pay them & stroke to them all day every day. This is what you do best, and it makes you feel good. You know I only tease you with My tits to get you weak, horny and addicted but you don’t mind at all. Your addiction grows every time you stroke for My tits and you ALWAYS have to pay for your fix. Paying My tits feels so good, so very good.

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