Can’t be a cuckold if you can’t get a girlfriend

You can’t be a cuckold if you can’t get a girlfriend, you fucking reject!

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You really can’t be a cuckold if you can’t get a girlfriend. And what woman would ever want you? You’re obsessed with the idea of a real man fucking your imaginary hot girlfriend, but it’ll never happen. Not for you. Instead you’ll stay a pathetic pussy free loser, a cuck to pixels on a screen. Women who don’t even know your name will have to substitute and only if you pay for it. If it makes your worthless cock hard sure, go ahead, imagine I’m your GF and I’ve fucked everyone but you.

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It’s for the best if you want to avoid rejection, stay home and stroke for Me like a good little addict.

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Rejection hurts right? You know that all too well. You expect women to reject you which means you’re not likely to approach them. Poor you. Can’t relate. You are so eager to fuck anything, but nobody wants you. Poor horny loser. Don’t worry about it anymore. You can avoid rejection simply by staying right here with one hand on your cock and the other on your wallet. You love stroking for Me anyway so I know you’ll find this easy. You stay here, no need to interact with women at all, ever again, just stroke. My clips never reject you!

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