My Valentine’s Cuckold

My Valentine's Cuckold
Valentine’s Day, sweetheart! I think I’ll buy some sexy new underwear, maybe a new dress, some sexy new shoes. Spend the evening in a beautiful place with fantastic food and great company. you know I love to flirt over food. then a few drinks and you know how horny I get after a few drinks. Time to slip out of that sexy new dress, peel off My new underwear… Oh… Um, not you, sweetheart. Does that really sound like anything I would do with you?! You are SO funny! No no, this is a night for a real man, not a wimp like you! You get to stay right here!
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Homewrecker ruins your valentines date
I bet you’ve already made plans for Valentine’s Day. A table booked? I certainly hope so! She has likely already picked out what to wear, planned to shave her legs etc and get ready for one of only 2 nights a year when you’ll have sex. Well… About that… Yeah I’m not into it. I don’t want you fucking anyone, ever. But if you must…Lets make sure you are as disappointing and underwheming as ever!
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