Blackmail obsession

Your blackmail obsession is relentless. It’ll never go away until you turn fantasy into reality.

4 weeks of blackmail week 1

Another clip to add to your huge collection and feed your blackmail obsession. There’s nothing makes your cock throb quite like it. In your little dream land all of those clips feel real. All of those gorgeous women are going to coerce you to do terrible things, take all of your money then ruin you. Then you snap back to reality and the fantasy is gone. You’ve never known what it’s really like to be blackmailed because it scares you too much. But you’ll slip up. You’ll be too turned on, send your information then find yourself trapped forever.

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I released a weekly series: 4 weeks of blackmail. You don’t have to wat for weekly updates, you can get all 6 right here!

4 weeks of blackmail week 1

It’s gonna be a long ass month for you little blackmail fantasists! It’s time I took control of you. Time you stopped playing. So we’ll start out gently. I’m putting you on a 4 week program to see how you cope living out your fantasy of being blackmailed by Me. This is the first clip in the series. 7 days later there will be another clip, I’ll check in with you weekly, giving you new instructions and making fun of you, because I can. You’ll be terrified and aroused constantly. Can you handle it?

4 weeks of blackmail week 2
4 weeks of blackmail week 3

4 weeks of blackmail week 4

4 weeks of blackmail release

4 weeks of blackmail week rehab

I’ve packaged up My series of clips “4 weeks of blackmail” for you losers. It was originally released weekly but I’ve made it easy for you. I’ll blackmail you for just 4 weeks then release you and I’ve even included a “rehab” clip, because if you think you can go right back to normal after this you’re mistaken!

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