What’s new, pussycat?

It’s been a busy ass week, all good but nothing I want to tell you about!

Here are My latest clips anyway, binge for ME!

I think the reason you don’t date or fuck is because you actually don’t want to. You don’t want that life. You could live a normal life, you could stop blowing your cash on clips and gifts, you could focus on self improvement, get out there and meet a woman but you don’t want that. You crave Me. Women out there aren’t like Me. Only I will do. But the problem is… if you and I were in a relationship it wouldn’t be ‘normal.’ Women like Me don’t want to fuck you! You would still be jerking off, you would still be spending all your cash on Me, but if that’s as good as it gets, being My boyfriend, then you’ll take it. Even when I fuck other men and laugh at you, you’ll still lap it up.

I have come to the conclusion that all men would be better in chastity, every last one of you. I bet women eerywhere would benefit from it. Having unlimited access to your dick, as you do now, has turned you into a mindless jerk junkie. A horny man is an annoying man, in My opinion. All dicks should be locked away for ever, with only supervised access. The idea of you ejaculating at all is a turn off for Me, My orgasms feel more powerful knowing you’re not having any. I love to tease you while you strain in your cage, where you will remain until I decide you deserve release! Twitch and strain inside your cage for Me now!

I’ve always told you that I would destroy you with your own little weaknesses. My tits are your number 1 addiction and you just can’t get enough of them, but you also love extremes. You love pushing yourself further than before, doing things that normal people would find crazy. my tits make you want to do crazy things. You claim you’re devoated to My tits? Prove it, be extreme. You’ll show Me how devoted you are the only way you can, with your wallet. I’m using My tits to soften you up so I can fuck you over so badly that you won’t get over it in a hurry. Show Me how much of an idiot you are, show Me how much you love My tits. Lose it all, it’s the best way to impress AND prove yourself.

Check out how perfect My ass looks in these skin tight pink leggings! That’s right, take a good look. Get all hot and bothered for Me. So eager to stroke, so eager to obey, but what happens when obeying is hard? You actually enjoy the turmoil. You want to jerk it, but you like being told how to stroke, when to stop. You love the building tension, not knowing if you’ll be able to stop in time, if you’ll shoot too soon… It’s sexy when you obey. Try not to let My perfect ass overload your horny man brain. You’re better when you’re denied pleasure anyway!

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