Blackmail – it’s changing

I’ve always enjoyed blackmail, even though so few of you are brave enough to follow through completely. It’s always funny watching a sub pay for blackmail files then run away before submitting anything. I like money, so that works for Me.

In 2010 I published My first blackmail assignment on Clips4sale. No surprises, it was a massive hit. Over the years I’ve added them when I felt inspired,and the material I gathered from them would make your eyes water. I’ve used them to bring boys to their knees, ensnare them for life. I’ve used them to expose foolish boys from time to time. It’s the internet, nothinge ver goes away, they’re likely still out there.

Looking back over my tasks I feel like it’s time to put them to bed and start over from scratch with a brand new set. I’ll make you jump through hoops and I know you’ll everything I say.

My old tasks will still be in My store until the new year, then gone, deleted, goodbye!

I combined the 18 oldest clips into one nice, simple download on Niteflirt, where you’ll find My newer ones too, just check my goodies. All of them can be purchased via Clips4Sale.

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