St Patrick’s Intox & findom

A reminder that most sites have banned intox content, which I’m sure you already know. But dont worry, booze bitch, Niteflirt doesn’t seem to have the same rules. Forced intox content is still available there & you can buy My brand new clip right now! Alternatively, if you don’t have a Niteflirt account and don’t want to register for one, perhaps if you contact Me we can find another way to get you your fix.

St Patricks day is a worldwide excuse to get drunk and make a tit of yourself, isn’t it? Well, I have a treat for you today, we’re going to play with my little wheel. It’s simple. All you have to do is open your calculator app and have a bottle of booze handy. I’m going to spin the wheel for you. The wheel will decide if you drink or spend, the wheel also determines when the game ends. Are you sure you want to take the chance? You might end up passed out on the floor with your bank balance very much in the red. Are you sure you want to play? Alright then. Let’s begin.

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NYE intox

**As always, have 4 drinks before watching this clip. Have plenty more booze on hand, have My tribute page open and your credit card details already entered. **
Here in Scotland we celebrate New Years hard, we call it Hogmanay. Would you like to celebrate with Me? I bet you’ve been hoping I’d release an intox clip for new years, you just love to get stupid for Me! You love to spend, stroke and drink for Goddess. You love to lose control. When powerful, beautiful women make you drink you can’t help yourself. Each drink makes you weaker and stupid. You get reckless. Get reckless for Me tonight, drink up!

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Addicted to drinking, spending and stroking

** have at least 4 drinks before watching this ** I like you good & drunk. You think you’re smarter than Me, that you have some control over this. You tell yourself that you’re not addicted, but you’re fooling yourself. I encourage your bad habits and make you so weak. You try to stop drinking, stroking and spending but you find yourself right back here. You love that I use your weaknesses to make you lose control. You can’t fight your desire to get drunk and stupid for Me. The bottle calls to you, so have another drink. Drink, stroke and spend for Me, addict. You can’t quit.

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Drink yourself into debt

Have 4 drinks before watching this. I wonder how much money you’ve spent on Me when you’ve been drunk, how many bad choices you’ve made because of Me and booze. Plenty no doubt. Don’t worry about it, have another drink. You are drinking your way into debt and I find it delightful. Your favourite pastime is drinking, stroking and spending for Me. Any time you drink you crave Me, and any time you see Me you want to drink. Drinking yourself into a reckless state is your biggest turn on, so have another drink with Me now and lets get you fucked up!

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Every time I talk about loser debt you get excited, you want it, but you’re afraid of it. The things that scare you about it are the very same things that excite you. I have a fun idea to help you get what you want, you just need to relax. Get a bottle, let’s have some fun! You’ll wake up tomorrow deep in loser debt for Me, just like you always wanted. See how hard that makes you? You want it, let’s do it.
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How about a drunk drain? Get some booze and get your credit cards, I’m going to take everything & you’ll remember nothing!

drunk drain, femdom intox, forced intox, findom intox

Listen to My voice. I’m going to encourage you to get nice and relaxed, get yourself warmed up for a boozy drain session. Throw ’em back again and again, you don’t need to think. As long as you can see straight enough to enter your payment information that’s all that matters! You might black out with no idea what you’ve done, but that’s part of the fun isn’t it?
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