Taking his money

findom, financial domination, debt, femdom pov, financial ruin, money fetish
In a world where you can pay with just a tap, or send all your money to someone else in a few clicks it’s very rare to handle large amounts of actual cash. I have a boy who’s wife monitors his spending quite carefully, so for months he withdraws cash from ATMs, little by little, before he asks Me to meet him. He fetches My coffee order, hands Me an envelope and thanks Me for taking his money. Today he handed Me £1000 with a cute little note inside! Such a good boy. The rest of you can jerk off to his cash, fucking losers, jerk off dreaming of meeting Me, it’ll never happen!
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findom, financial domination, debt, femdom pov, financial ruin
It’s interesting that you’re only attracted to women who are out of your league. The only way you can ever get My attention is with your money, haha! You’re lucky to call yourself one of My minions. Without money you’re just another nobody & that’s why you’ll keep working hard to keep contributing to My happiness in the only way that you can. You serve no other purpose. It turns you on that I’m so open about using you, you feel humiliated but you like it, what a freak!!
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findom, financial domination, debt, femdom pov, financial ruin
You’re such a slut for humiliation and financial domination. There’s nothing better than having a beautiful, powerful Goddess laugh at you while she takes your money. You’ve ruined yourself with this addiction, you’ll never be able to enjoy vanilla porn or sex the way you enjoy humiliation and findom. You need to be verbally destroyed and financially ruined to have the most intense orgasms. Just thinking about it gets your cock throbbing. This is your sex life now. You’ll go deeper every time because there’s no other option for you, there is NO going back now.

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findom, financial domination, debt, femdom pov, financial ruin, cum tax, pay to cum
You really are a pitiful creature, aren’t you? It’s so funny that you need to be told how to stroke & be told when to cum. You don’t even want control of your own pleasure, because the pleasure comes from being given permission. Any pleasure you have belongs to Me. You love asking for permission to cum, don’t you, slut? Well, given how much you jerk off I’d rather not have to answer you every single time. Instead, you’re going to pay a cum tax which grants you permission. No pay? No cum.

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You love feeling scammed and ripped off!

findom, financial domination, rip off, scam, catfish, scam domme, scamming kink
No really, it is. This clip is a scam, nothing more. You like that don’t you? So do I, scamming is very much My kink, I’m glad we have that in common. I like to imagine that feeling of emptiness & foolishness you that hits when you realise I’ve ripped you off yet again. Hot huh?

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Loser debt is your reason for living.

femdom debt loser
I love loser debt. I love debt collection day. I love updating your spreadsheets and I love adding extra debt on for fun. You love it too, don’t you? You might think you’re paying it off week by week but you know it’ll never end, right? I’ll add interest, late payment fees & whatever else I want to keep you enslaved and paying forever. You like feeling trapped because you live for loser debt. You never want to stop paying, you want your debt to grow and grow.
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You can’t help it, you want to go deep into debt for My tits!

Go into debt for My big tits femdom findom
My tits make you want to fall to your knees grab your wallet and go deep into debt. You pay because otherwise I’d never allow you to worship My perfection. You pay because it feels good. You’ve paid for countless orgasms looking at My tits and you’ll continue to do so. Spending on them feels good, it feels natural. You want to spend more and more so it feels better and better. Do it. Go into debt for My tits.
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Beg Me to scam you! You ache for Me to rip you off!

findom financial domination rip off scam catfish
Some of you make too much noise about being scammed and I’m on to you. Being scammed is your kink. Which is handy, because scamming you is My kink. Ripping you off warms My ice cold heart. Other people feel ashamed even angry when they get scammed but not you, you think it’s hot. It makes your cock throb, doesn’t it? Beg Me to scam you.

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How about some sweet findom mindfuckery?
femdom goddess worship mesmerize
Relax and breathe. You don’t need to think about anything now. Just listen. Focus on My voice and allow it to guide you. I know you enjoy financial domination, but what if paying could be your biggest source of pleasure, give you the strongest of orgasms? I will help you to feel immense pleasure every time you pay Me. Pleasure you’ll find nowhere else.

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findom, financial domination, debt, femdom pov, financial ruin
We both know all you’re good for is spending on ME! Spending on Me is the only way you could ever please a woman like Me. You couldn’t satisfy any woman sexually, could you? Fuck no. All you can do to make Me happy is pay Me. It’s the only way you have any part in My life, the only way you can be useful. And how you yearn to be useful! It’s been difficult for you to accept your place as a servant & not an equal, but that’s just how it is. You’ve learned to love it. So much so that you jerk your dick while you spend on women you’ll never meet!

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