Premature ejaculators are losers

Premature ejaculators like you are losers, you’re a fucking joke!!
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I know exactly what you are, premature ejaculator! You can barely last 2 minutes without having to concentrate really hard. I’m embarrassed for you, do you feel embarrassed? Ashamed? Men like you are always entertaining topics to discuss when girls get together. How we laugh at you! your lack of self control is a source of much entertainment for us. I don’t even know why you buy clips that are 5+ minutes long, you could bust in the first minute! What a pathetic fucking loser you are!

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You’ll learn to cum in 100 strokes, then 90, then 80… until you’re a one pump chump with no sex life!
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We’ve talked about My desire to ruin your sex life and relationships by turning you into a premature ejaculator, but now we begin real training. You will cum in 100 strokes or you will not cum. Simple as that. You’ll be a 2 pump chum in no time then no woman will ever want to fuck you again. You’ll find it much easier to commit to a pussy free future when pussy rejects you!

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After you cum in 100 strokes why don’t we mess with your head a bit?

I can’t believe that anyone is willing to have sex with you, but I’ll put a stop to that with My new file, PREMATURE EJACULATOR HYPNOSIS. She may be fucking you now, but will she want you when you shoot after 2 pumps? I think not. First I will destroy your sex life. Then I’ll destroy your relationships before turning you into a pornosexual wank drone for My amusement. You’re going to love it.
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Somehow, someone wants to have sex with you. I don’t like that and neither do you. You would rather be a sexless, gooning, pornosexual bitch. Rejected by real women, addicted to women on screens. Stroking yourself into a mindless state hour after hour. Let My voice guide you. Manipulate you into becoming a premature ejaculator so you can disappoint every woman stupid enough to want to have sex with you.
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