Online slave tasks

It’s time for some online slave tasks.
femdom goddess worship mesmerize
Some boys don’t have much to spend but want to be useful. Other boys do have lots to spend but really want to go the extra mile to make Me happy. At the end of the day all that matters is what you contribute to My happiness. So here are some low/no spend online slave tasks for you to complete. Complete them as described or don’t bother, disobedience and laziness won’t cut it with Me. Show Me what a good boy you are.

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Need some gentle encouragement to be the best cash slave?

paying for pleasure findom hypnosis
Relax and breathe. You don’t need to think about anything now. Just listen. Focus on My voice and allow it to guide you. I know you enjoy financial domination, but what if paying could be your biggest source of pleasure, give you the strongest of orgasms? I will help you to feel immense pleasure every time you pay Me. Pleasure you’ll find nowhere else.

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Thinking about quitting femdom? Let Me liberate you.
femdom goddess worship mesmerize
It is liberation. You try so hard to act the part, be the alpha male. You pretend to be someone you’re not. You conceal your true self from everyone around you, afraid of their reactions. Society tells you to be strong, that “simping” is bad, and that sex is everything. You try to feign relationships that society tells you you need but your heart isn’t in it. That isn’t who you are. I know the real you. You can be your true self when you submit to Me. I can free you from the chains that bind you. Your submission can lead to true happiness and fulfilment for the first time in your life.

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