Incel! Know your place!

I had a chat with a “sub” recently who was beginning to sound like an angry, entitled incel. This foolish creature thought that one man should have multiple women, only the best men would mate. I’m not sure why he thought he would benefit in that situation, as if he would be one of the best! None of you are! you’re never going to be an alpha male. And that’s ok! There’s nothing wrong with being a pussy free, celibate stroker. you need to know your place and you need to accept it, embrace it! This is who you are and it will never change!

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I can’t imagine what life is like you sexless, rejected losers. I’m an attractive woman, I could have sex with a different man every single day and still never run out of options. It’s easy for Me. I’m powerful, I’m attractive, I’m charming. But you have no idea what that’s like. You would fuck anything at this point. I bet you jerk off thinking about women you know, women who wouldn’t touch you, ever! I bet you try so hard but it all ends the same way. Rejection. Always. There’s no hope for you. You’ll always be a sexless, stroking loser!

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