Please, blackmail me!

Let Me hear you say it: “Please blackmail me, Goddess!”

4 weeks of blackmail week 1

You want it badly don’t you? You desire to be owned, controlled and used. It’s scary and sex at the same time, I understand your conflicting emotions. But now you’re ready to take that step, are you? If not, you should not download this clip. This clip is how you give Me consent. Then all you have to do is wait.

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Your blackmail obsession is relentless. It’ll never go away until you turn fantasy into reality.

4 weeks of blackmail week 1

Another clip to add to your huge collection and feed your blackmail obsession. There’s nothing makes your cock throb quite like it. In your little dream land all of those clips feel real. All of those gorgeous women are going to coerce you to do terrible things, take all of your money then ruin you. “Blackmail me, goddess!” Then you snap back to reality and the fantasy is gone. You’ve never known what it’s really like to be blackmailed because it scares you too much. But you’ll slip up. You’ll be too turned on, send your information then find yourself trapped forever.

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