Pantyhose cuckold torture

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pantyhose cuckold torture
Your wife has been out all night AGAIN! She gets all dressed up and makes you drop her off in fancy looking bars, then you go home and sit alone. She prattles on about having a good time with the girls and how you would have hated it. She brags about not spending any money, because so many guys kept buying her drinks! She mentions some really hot guys who they were drinking with… and admits she fucked one of them! That’s where she stayed last night! She couldn’t help herself, he had such a big cock and you know that’s what she loves most! She knows you love her feet in pantyhose, and since her feet hurt, she demands a foot rub. She makes fun of you for your fetishes and humiliates you for being such a freak! Then she peels off her sweaty pantyhose and you to sniff them!