Life of a sissy cuckold

You imagined your life as a sissy cuckold, it was what you craved, but your wife might take things too far!

Did you think I would never find out about your huge porn collection? And your browser history? I’ve seen your accounts on those websites, I’ve seen the things you’ve written about Me. Your fantasies about being a locked sissy cuckold, made to watch while I fuck other men, huh? Well that’s just fine. I’ve cancelled your credit cards, moved your things into the attic and I’ve bought you a chastity device. You’re not going to enjoy your life as a sissy cuckold as much as you thought you would, but I certainly will.

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10 sissy tasks, yes, 10! Training sissies to be the best sluts they can be is no easy thing but you will learn!

For 10 months I would set My sluts 1 task per month. You can find them all on My sissy tasks page to purchase individually. I’ve decided to bundle My 10 sissy tasks just for you to train you RIGHT NOW, I’m not waiting 10 months for you to be the best slut you can be.

*These were originally text files and have been converted for c4s * Worth $100*

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As much as you sissies annoy Me I find Myself in need of your services. There are a great many things around My home that I just don’t want to do, but they need doing, and so you will do them. You will clean My home. You will change My sheets. You will wash My clothes. You have many responsibilities now, sissy. I even have one of those hideous tacky uniforms! Oh and one more addition to your outfit… a chastity cage. I won’t have you touching that clitty and leaking under My roof!

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