Laughing at your tiny penis

Laughing at your tiny penis seems a natural reaction, I wonder if you’ve had other women laugh at it in person? Or are they too polite? Maybe no one has seen it because you’re too ashamed of your small penis. Get your wallet, you’re joining My AVNStars right now for a dose of the truth. Did you know there are 330+ videos on My AVNStars? And 330+ pics! Not to mention the exclusive goodies sent to the inboxes of My subscribers, never to be seen elsewhere? Join now and watch this clip for FREE.

laughing at your tiny penis sph
I heard a little story about you. I wonder if it’s true. Girl talk, you know. We can be oh so cruel. So, tell me, do you have a tiny penis? That’s what I heard. Let me take a look. I’m sure it’s not *that* small… Oh… it is true. Gosh. That is..quite small isn’t it? hahaha. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t laugh, but… hahahahaha. The rumour was correct. It really is just such a little thing! I can’t stop laughing at your tiny penis!
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In the real world, being a tiny dick loser might not be this obvious. You don’t have flags on your head warning us. you should have. Nobody wants that. But when women do find out you have a small penis, they tell their friends and they tell their friends. They’ll laugh ever time they see you, unable to think of anything else but your tiny cock. I won’t laugh behind your back. I’ll laugh at your tiny cock right in front of you then send you on your way. I want to keep you from wasting womens time by owning you and manipulating you.
tiny dick losers deserve small penis humiliation
It doesn’t matter if you’re handsome, charming or funny. None of it matters when you have that little thing. You can’t seem to keep from touching your little dickie, but I guess no one else wants to touch it haha. It’s better this way, then you aren’t wasting womens time. You need to keep it to yourself. Your tiny dick marked you for a life of servitude. No woman could ever see you as her equal, as her partner. Not with that little nub. You are genetically inferior and there’s nothing wrong with that. You were born with a tiny cock and that means you were born to serve.
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