Gooning made you gay

You can’t stop and now gooning made you gay!
gooning makes you gay
It’s a funny thing. The more time you spend watching porn and gooning the more kinks you find you have. Things that once repulsed you no longer do, in fact, you’re turned on by them. You watched so many girls being fucked by big cocks that now you’re obsessed with big cocks. The girls don’t even matter, it’s the cock you can’t stop looking at. It starts with looking, but you find yourself aching to feel it for real. Every time you goon you fall a little deeper and find yourself craving cock more and more! Gooning made you gay and you’ll never escape that desire!

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craving the biggest of cocks
You don’t have to lie to Me nor pretend to be something you’re not. I know you don’t want to fuck Me. It’s cool, totally not offended. Other men look at Me with desire, but not you. No, because I am missing your very favourite part. Sorry, I don’t have a big fat cock for you. That’s what you really want, don’t be shy, admit it! I know you still watch straight, boy girl porn, but I know that’s just to make you feel better about your true desires. Regardless, all you’re staring at is his big cock. Wondering what it feels like for her, being fucked by that big cock. It’s never small cocks you stare at and crave is it? Not for you, only the biggest cocks will do.

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I know what you dream of, you slut. You dream of being used as a fuck doll for alpha males, as many of them as possible. My feminine curves don’t excite you as much as the thought of being stuffed in every hole. That’s the dream. That’s your destiny. You wish you had the kind of sex appeal that I have, but you never will. It won’t matter, men will fuck anything wet & willing so you’ll have no trouble turning this fantasy into reality. Be the best fuck doll you can be, sissy slut!

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