Improve your life with chastity

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improve your life with chastity femdom
Since the very first time you tugged at your dicky, you’ve been hooked. You have been unable to stop. You need it, you need the release. You cancel plans so you can touch yourself. You hide away so you can touch yourself. You sneak around so you can touch yourself. It’s about time we got that under control. Locking up your cock could improve your life so much! You could become a much better person, a better submissive too. No more half-hearted submission, you’ll be a dedicated boy. Well behaved eager to please. Don’t you want that? I want that for you.

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Trawling clip sites for something to jerk off to, typical. You’re here a lot. Too much. I don’t object to you spending on clips, spend as much as you like! However, you jerk far too much. You’re an addicted stroke slut. You shoot your load whenever you get the chance. Clearly you’re incapable of moderation here so I’m taking control of your cock now. Slip this device on, I’ll lock it for you, I’ll take the key. No more stroking and shooting for you!

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