Get drunk on New Years Eve / intox

I know you have nothing better to do tonight. This is what you want to spend the last night of 2020 doing. Drinking, losing your mind, getting weaker and weaker until you do something stupid. Here are some wicked intox clips to get you going.

Get a bottle and have 4 drinks before you watch this clip. Get a nice buzz on before we really get into it. Lets celebrate the holidays together with a few drinks. I like you better when you’re buzzed, weak and stupid. Fill your glass up! Throw it back, a toast to the way I fuck you up so easily. You’ll drink to all the things about Me that make you weak and stupid. Drink to the way I easily make you relapse. Drink to My power which just grows and grows while you become weaker with every sip.
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Red light green light intox game

femdom findom forced intox game
Another week over it’s time to let loose! Kick back and have a drink with Me. Let’s see what terrible choices you will make after a few… It’s a simple game. Green light, you drink. Red light, stop drinking. Think you can follow along? I like you better when you’re tipsy anyway, you’re way more fun.

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Get drunk & relapse

femdom findom intox drunk relapse
New year, new you? I think not. You’ve done well, but you couldn’t stay away. You couldn’t stop yourself from just having a little look… And that was when you failed. It’s just a clip, what harm can it do? Why don’t we relax with a little drink, just you and I? You slipped already, why not enjoy it?

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Sniff, drink & stroke blackmail

Femdom forced b=intox blackmail
You are obsessed with blackmail but you’re also a total pussy so lets soften you up with a few of your favourite things. You know what to do. You know what you need. Just obey. If I tell you to sniff, you inhale and feel that rush. If I tell you to drink up, you better finish it. If I tell you to stroke, you better make it feel good. And when I tell you to type in your info, you’ll do it. I’ll make it so easy for you to give in to your biggest and most terrifying fantasy.

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Drunk, weak & blackmailed

drunk weak blackmailed findom
Woohoo, it’s the weekend and you have NOTHING BETTER TO DO. So let play a drinking game! The drunker you are the easier it will be for me to extract everything I need to own you for the rest of your worthless life, take all of your money and you to do humiliating things for My amusement. You’ve dreamed of this, you’ve jerked off thinking of this more times than you can count, but you chicken ut right before you go through with it. A few drinks should help…

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Drunk findom regret

drunken findom regret
you’re far too sober for this, so let’s kick things off. Get yourself a bottle of something strong. It doesn’t have to be nice, just strong. You can drink it with ice, or as it is, but there’s no need to water it down. I want you wrecked, so wrecked that you can’t even remember your own name. So wrecked that you just know tomorrow is going to hurt. Drink up, drink when I tell you to, and obey. I want you so wrecked you’ll do anything I say, and you won’t even remember it clearly tomorrow. So buzzed that you just can’t say no! You know how this ends, you’ve played this game before, you kno what I’ll make you do, but you can’t resist.

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