You’re My sissy maid

Sissy maid! Get your feather duster and slutty uniform!

As much as you sissies annoy Me I find Myself in need of your services. There are a great many things around My home that I just don’t want to do, but they need doing, and so you will do them. You will clean My home. You will change My sheets. You will wash My clothes. You have many responsibilities now, sissy. I even have one of those hideous tacky uniforms! Oh and one more addition to your outfit… a chastity cage. I won’t have you touching that clitty and leaking under My roof!

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I’m most displeased with you. This is exactly why I like sissies a little less than other subs. You were given very simple instructions, I kept them simple because your bimbo brain isn’t very sharp. You were specifically told you were not to touch your clitty. That thing is useless. A good sissy never touches it. Yet you did, repeatedly. You have left Me no choice. I have made an appointment for you with a very special doctor tomorrow to put an end to this foolishness. Say goodbye to your clitty, I’m cutting it off.

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