Submission is liberation mesmerize / female domination

femdom goddess worship mesmerize
It is libaration. You try so hard to act the part, be the alpha male. You pretend to be someone you’re not. You conceal your true self from everyone around you, afraid of their reactions. Society tells you to be strong, that “simping” is bad, and that sex is everything. You try to feign relationships that society tells you you need but your heart isn’t in it. That isn’t who you are. I know the real you. You can be your true self when you submit to Me. I can free you from the chains that bind you. Your submission can lead to true happiness and fulfillment for the first time in your life.

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fall under My spell tit worship mind fuck
I bet you wish that sometimes you were strong enough to resist Me. Addiction can make you feel helpless and weak. But you cannot fight this. Men are drawn to Me like moths to a flame. Men I’ve never met stroke themselves deep into debt after watching one clip of Mine. They beat themselves raw just to amuse Me. You can’t help it, it’s in your DNA as it’s in Mine. Men like you were born to fall under My spell. The weakness you feel is natural and irresistible. My power is undeniable. Everything about Me lures you in. You don’t stand a chance.

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