Keeping you locked in chastity forever

Being locked in chastity might sound fun, but how does forever sound?
keeping you loccked in chastity forever
I don’t regret locking you in chastity at all. Is your cage nice and snug? It better be. You will remain locked in that nice, snug cage. It seems like the best thing for you and your cock. You cock is no good for anything else is it? Compuslive masturbation is not, in My view, a good use for it. You can’t be trusted to be let loose or you’ll go right back to your old ways stroking and squirting everywhere. You shall remain caged FOREVER, like it or not.

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tiny dick losers deserve small penis humiliation
That thing of yours isn’t going to satisfy any woman, is it? Not really. No. And you’re poorly suited to romance. Much better at serving Me don’t you agree? I was inspired by a blog I read recently. A man who made his dick shrivel and shrink! Why don’t you measure yours for Me now. Write it down, the exact measurements. Your dick shrinking reigime begins today. A shrivelled little nub is all you need after all.

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