No normal life for addicted strokers

no normal life for addicted strokers
I wonder if you knew what you were getting into the first time you downlaoded one of My clips. No. How could you possibly have known or even anticipated. If you had known, would it have stopped you from obsessing? I think not. It seems to Me that you enjoy being a weak addict. You like feeling like you’re not in control. You tell yourself that I turned you into a weak, addicted stroker, but you wanted it. You craved it. You love it. You’ll never experience a normal life because you don’t want one. All you want is this. An endless addiction.

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Want to delve deeper into femdom addiction??

binge hard and goon
Do you have plans for this evening? If so, cancel them. Tonight is all about you! You’re going to load up your cart of every clip you’ve ever wanted of Mine. It’s going to be a long night so you’re going to need a lot of My sexy clips. If you only have pennies for one or 2 clips this isn’t for you. I want you to binge harder than ever. Each clip is a little treat for your cock, spoil your cock rotten for Me. Then you’re going to stay up all night stroking and gooning for Me!

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