Home wrecking money grabbing bitch

home wrecking money grabbing bitch
I’m over it. I’m tired of being the “other woman” and your “dirty little secret.” It bores Me. You and your wife are living a lie, she doesn’t even know the real you. Regardless, I bet she hates you deep down. I think she’d be happier without you. You’d be happier without her. You need to be true to yourself. I’ve already decided for you anyway. Your marriage is over. I confess, I actually like the idea of destrying relationships. Your relationships mean nothing to Me. I’m all that matters to you and you know it. You’ll be happier when nothing stands in the way of you being the biggest loser you can be, serving ME, a home wrecking, money grabbing bitch.

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When you lie in bed with your wife, who do you think about? I know. And who do you think about when you touch yourself? I know. Do you think your wife thinks of you when she’s touching herself? Do you think she craves your touch? I fucking doubt it. You don’t want her and she most certainly doesn’t want you. I bet she thinks of real men, better men. Men who could actually satisfy her, you don’t stand a chance. So while you think you’re being so naughty obsessing over Me, she’s thinking about someone else too. Anything you can do she can do too and you’d never know. Maybe she has a lover that she thinks of when you make your pitiful attempts at masturbating inside her body… I certainly hope so.

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