Blackmail has no happy ending

Femdom blackmail mistress
You obsess over blackmail clips. Edging yourself into a state where it sounds like a great idea, sounds fun. You send info and photos before shooting your load and regretting it. Hopefully, she will just ignore you, right? What if she doesn’t? Happens all the time. Idiots just like you email Me every day then think they can run away, but you can’t. You think you can send a tribute to make Me forget, but I won’t. I never forget. I’ll extract your cash until you bore Me, or until your life is ruined and there’s nothing left to take.

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We both know you want this. You crave blackmail, nothing gets your cock harder. You ache to hand over control to Me. You know it’s a terrible idea and there’s no way it has a happy ending, but you crave the risk, the destruction. Yet you hold back. Something stops you before you commit and sign your life away with one click. I know what will help, why don’t you grab a bottle, inhale deeply, and ruin your entire life?

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