Ensnared and enslaved by boots

I love these boots. Whenever I wear them men trip over themselves, falling to their knees. You can’t help it, you’re drawn to it. You don’t even want to fight it. You know I used your kinks and weaknesses against you, but still, you can’t help yourself. You’ll beg to worship them. You’ll give anything just to see Me wear them. You’ll cling to the hope that one dqay I’ll allow you to clean them with your tongue. Without even trying, I’ve enslaved you. My boots have enslaved you. You belong to Me now.

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Take a good, long look at that preview image. Those leather, knee high boots drive you crazy don’t they? You love leather on your Goddess. I’ll allow you to stroke for Me today, to worship Me while I’m looking so damn hot. But don’t be foolish, there’s no happy ending for you. Stroke it for Me, stroke it for Me in leather, stroke it for My sexy boots. But you know how this ends and you’ll be thankful for it!

Buy it now on Clips4Sale, Niteflirt, Kinkbomb or IWantClips

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