Blackmail til you drop

It was too easy for you to slip up. You were horny, it sounded so hot at the time. I admit, I teased and manipulated you into it. But you’ll get no sympathy from Me. You made these poor choices, it’s your own fault. You went looking for Me, looking for blackmail clips. You watched them and enjoyed them but you just couldn’t resist getting in touch with Me. You could have shot your load and moved on, but no. You had to have more. Now you’re trapped. Trapped in blackmail forever. There’s no end to this, I’ll take it all until you drop!

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More blackmail clips?

We both know you want this. You crave blackmail, nothing gets your cock harder. You ache to hand over control to Me. You know it’s a terrible idea and there’s no way it has a happy ending, but you crave the risk, the destruction. Yet you hold back. Something stops you before you commit and sign your life away with one click. I know what will help, why don’t you grab a bottle, inhale deeply, and ruin your entire life?

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