You’ll always be a paypig

My little addict, so excited handing money over to Me, aren’t you? I love it too. I love knowing that you work hard for your money just to hand it over to Me. It’s the only way you can turn Me on. You love that I don’t care about you at all. you know our “relationship” will never progress, it will ALWAYS be this, but you don’t care. You know your place, you know what you are. You’re a paypig, totally addicted to spending on bratty, spoiled bitches like Me. You’ll never change. You’ll always be a paypig.

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Do you understand just how fucked you are? I wonder if you can even comprehend that. You probably just think this is a bit of fun. That’s what I’ve done to your brain though. Convinced you that you have a choice in this. You don’t. You’re addicted and completely fucked. You brought this all on yourself. Now I can take advantage of you whenever I like. You don’t seem to mind because it feels good. You don’t want anything else, you just want to be My abused, addicted bitch forever.

Buy it now on Clips4Sale, Niteflirt, Kinkbomb or IWantClips

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