I love tease and denial

I know when you look at ME you just want to stroke yourself silly, your cock standing to attention, but today you’ll be doing things My way. You will obey. You will stoke your cock when I tell you to and stop when I tell you to. Even if I’m flaunting My tits in your face, you WILL obey My every command. You crave My control. You ache for My instruction, even if it doesn’t have a happy ending. Teasing you and making you squirm fills Me with delight, so you’ll do as your told. Go ahead, get started.

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Your favourite thing is stroking and shooting your load. You’re addicted. You can’t stop. Tou do it more than you should, you know it, but it’s a habit now. It doesn’t quite feel like it used to though, does it? You overindulged. Excessive. This is why men need woman to control them. You’d sit there and stroke yourself all day, just to let a little dribble ooze out. I can change that. I can make every orgasm feel like your first. But… it’s going to take some getting used to.

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