You are nothing without Me

I think lockdown has exposed a lot of things. Some peple are getting married, some people are getting divorced, some people have realised the importance of things. You however, you have discovered that you actually have nothing. Nothing and no one, but Me and your clip collection. You’re all alone and nobody wants you, not even Me. I probably don’t even know you exist but you are obsessed with Me and My clips. That’s all you have. The only pleasure you have is paying Me. All you want is My attention and without Me, you’d be nothing again.

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I bet you’ve felt different for your entire life. You’re not quite like the other boys, are you? They seem to have it so easy! You could never talk to women the way do, and those women would never respond to you the way they do to other men. I bet you’ve always been insecure, and with good reason. Your problem is you want women like Me, women like Me think you are pathetic. Women like Me will always reject you, and I’ll tell you why…

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