Mommy’s sissy makeover

Mommy is so mean. First you had to eat your cum, then you had to suck dick for her, now she’s done something really terrible.

You wake up in some pain, but you can’t seem to move. That smell, those sounds, where are you? What happened? You feel Mommy’s hand on yours, soothing. You’re safe, she’s right here with you. She explains that you’re in hospital recovering from a rather invasive procedure. You see, Mommy liked having you be her little sissy boy, but it was time to put all boyish behaviour behind you, all boyish urges, and all of your boy parts, inside and out, gone. Replaced with pretty new girl parts. You’re going to love them, Mommy knows best.

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You’ve been such a good boy since our last talk about cleaning up your mess. Your sticky, icky mess. You adjust and learn fast! Since you’re so good with your own mess I thought it was time to move things along to the next stage. I think you’ll enjoy it because of the things I’ve seen when I’ve checked your browser history… I have a gift for you, something to help with your training. You need to get used to this if you’re going to be a good boy for Mommy.
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