Date night for cucky

You wish your wife wouls see sense, fuck other men and deny you. But she won’t. She doesn’t understand how much better her life would be if she put you in her place. Or perhaps, she isn’t interested in doing ANYTHING you want, even if that means pleasure for her. But, for a little while, you can pretend I am your wife. I’ll treat you the way you deserve.

My favourite night! But this time, it isn’t all about Me. I was telling My boyfriend about My wimpy hubby who sits at home waiting for Me while I’m out with him. He laughed, he thinks you’re pathetic. I explained about the fetish and various other fetishes that seem to go hand in hand for a cuckold… Well, he told his friends and as a result I’ve found a date for YOU tonight! So you’re going to take a shower, make yourself perfectly clean and smooth, then I have some new, girly lingerie for you and… A butt plug! Won’t it be nice for both of us to get fucked for a change?

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You want to be a cuckold don’t you? She deserves pleasure, pleasure she will never get from you. She deserves big cocks, not little things like yours. She deserves to be satisfied. That’s what you say, isn’t it? But I see right through your lies. I hear what you aren’t saying. When you watch cuckold porn videos,what is it you focus on? Her face? No. I didn’t think so. We both know what you are looking at and why. Your noises about “her pleasure” are worth nothing, it’s YOU who is obsessed with big, fat dick.

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