Pain and chastity for tiny dicks

Small penis humiliation always reminds Me of one particular incident.  Many years ago I met the most gorgeous man. He was tall, fit, funny and kind. Really, really fucking hot. We had a sort of will-they-won’t-they thing for some months before one night I brought him home after we met in a club.  We fumbled around, tearing at each others clothes in My dark bedroom, tipsy and clumsy, but it was fun. I reached down and… at first I thought perhaps I had grabbed one of his balls by mistake. Or perhaps he had too much to drink and was soft. Alas, his dick was in fact just teeeeeeeny tiny. I couldn’t continue and I was thankful that he couldn’t see the expression on My face. I stood up, called him a taxi and we never spoke again. Has this ever happened to you?

That little worm between your legs disgusts Me. You can’t seem to keep your hand off it. It’s so small, but you know that. It’s pointless. There is NO point in you having that little thing. You could never make anyone happy with that. I think all tiny cocks should be locked and only be allowed to feel pain. You bring no one pleasure with that thing, why should you feel any pleasure with that thing? No no no, that won’t do. I’m going to make you hurt it and lock it away forever.

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You poor little thing. I suppose it’s better that you’re aware that you have a tiny dick, and you know it’s a problem. Many men have no idea! They all lie! They tell themselves that it doesn’t matter that it’s small, they tell themselves they’re great in bed anyway. HA! Nope, Sorry. It’s a problem. Your tiny cock is canceled. It’s done. It’s over. No more wasting womens time. No more disappointing women. It’s done. Accept it, accept your place.
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