Cum eating instruction for losers

Interesting that you clicked and landed here. Do you eat your cum regularly? Many of you do. For some, you’re just curious about cum eating, you watch the clips but never follow through. Yes, it’s disgusting. But I assure you, plenty of men eat their own cum.

You want Me to make you eat your own cum, don’t you? Oh, you will. Every single drop of your disgusting loser slime. You’ll do it because I have told you to do it, you obey. Freaks like you can’t help but obey strong, powerful women like Me. Losers like you do as your told. I won’t even need to encourage you, My words are powerful enough to make you do it. You can’t help yourself when a gorgeous, powerful Goddess commands you. You’ll come back time and time again to worship My hot body and slurp your loser load for Me.

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Good bitches like you always eat their cum for Goddess. You love to taste your warm, sticky load after every orgasm. Just listening to Me talking about it has you gripping your cock a little harder, that’s it, good boy. It’s easy for you to cum looking at My hot body, don’t my tits look sensational? You can’t wait to eat your load for ME. Even if you feel gross afterwards, I know you’ll be back for another hot cum eating instruction clip!

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