Blackmail til you die, from the vault

Blackmail til you die

You are a pathetic, disgusting little man. Taking your money is too fucking easy. You’re just so terrified of what I might do if you refuse. The slightest threat from Me and you’re a trembling little worm. You’re so terrified of Me there’s no way you’d ever displease Me. We both know I’d destroy you if you did. You came to Me thinking blackmail would be a fun game to play, like a lamb to slaughter, you had no idea how far it’d go. How deeply you’d fall into mMy trap. Now the game is over, it’s entirely real and utterly terrifying. I’m going to own you for the rest of your life. I will milk you for every single penny you have. I’ll take it all. Everything, until there’s nothing left. Then what happens? You d1e, I suppose. If you’re unable to pay Me any more, you’re no use to Me. Do you think I keep useless boys in My life for long?

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