Ruined Valentine’s Date

Homewrecker ruins your valentines date
I bet you’ve already made plans for Valentine’s Day. A table booked? I certainly hope so! She has likely already picked out what to wear, planned to shave her legs etc and get ready for one of only 2 nights a year when you’ll have sex. Well… About that… Yeah I’m not into it. I don’t want you fucking anyone, ever. But if you must…Lets make sure you are as disappointing and underwheming as ever!
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I’ve done this to you before. You think you’ll be free to enjoy this one night it’s expected of you. Youu must perform! I think the fuck not, silly. You belong to Me. Lets face it, your wife doesn’t even enjoy having sex with you either. I’m doing her a favour by spoiling it for you.

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ruin your sex life

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