Ruin your sex life

Hiding from your wife again? You do love to snatch these precious moments away from her to worship Me, your true Goddess, the one you truly desire. She is a problem for both of us. She probably has no idea I’ve stolen you away from her. Your marrige is a veneer, nothing more. But I want to go a step further. Trash it. I bet she doesn’t even want to have sex with you anyway, but she feels it is her duty. You don’t want to fuck her, she doesn’t want to fuck you, so lets wreck your sex life and end that farse.

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Wives always seem to stand in the way. I’m sure once you had a deep affection for her, you desired her, and she desired you. But that isn’t the case any more. You’ve realised who you really are, and she wouldn’t want the real you. She does everything that is expected of her as your wife, but she doesn’t desire you anymore. An unhappy wife is a terrible thing. I’ve seen plenty of women who are bored of their husbands but they feel trapped. If she isn’t going to take charge and treat you the way you deserve while fucking other men, then it’s time we helped her on her way to happiness. And you to yours.

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