For My cuckold

Poor you. You fantasised about being a cuckold for the longest time, but you didn’t know what you’d be giving up forever. I bet you had no idea how hard it would be seeing images like this and knowing you’ll never touch them again. This is your life now, cuckold. Did you think I would taste the delights other men had to offer, then want you, sometimes? Never. You are inferior. You don’t compare. Why would I indulge you when I can seek pleasure from better men?

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My cuckold sissy maidHey hun! I was using your computer earlier to place that ad for a new maid. You know how I hate doing things around the house! So yeah, I found us a new maid. YOU. Your browser history was most interesting, I had no idea you were such a dirty little bitch. How could you keep secrets from me? Well, the cat is out of the bag now. I’ve decided that I simply can’t have a sissy in My bed, so your things are in the basement now. My bed is only for real men. I even took the time to order some gifts for you, they should arrive tomorrow. Your French maid outfit for starters…
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