The best of 2019

“Interactive blackmail cash drain”
You want to be blackmailed so much when your dick is hard, but the minute you shoot your load you realise it was a bad idea. You’ve bought clip after clip like this. You’e typed all your info into that email then… right after you shoot your load you close it, without sending. Well… I have a better way. this way, your orgasm won’t spoil the fun. Go ahead, but be warned… I’m not playing.

“Homewrecking tits”
You’re not like those other losers, into weird stuff… You just like tits. You love tits. Especially My tits. Liking tits is pretty normal isn’t it? but you’re not really looking at tits.. you’re obsessed with my cleavage. So obsessed that you’ve lost interest in your wife/GF, you don’t want to fuck her. She isn’t like Me, her tits aren’t as mesmerising as Mine, it’s just not the same. You’re sneaking around hiding your obsession… I don’t think we need her. How about you get rid of her, and devote yourself 100% to worshipping My perfect, big, round, 32E tits.

“Panty sissy clitty rub*” this is funny, because I filmed it in 2017 and it’s still selling
You are obsessed with panties aren’t you? That’s your little secret. Not just looking at them or touching them, but wearing them! I bet you even have a favourite style, a favourite material, a favourite colour? IT makes you feel slutty and sexy. Your clitty gets hard thinking of it. Do your panties make you feel feminine and girly? I bet you can’t help but rub your clitty through them, hahaha. Mens underwear isn’t sexy, slutty or girly. Maybe you should quit wearing it. It’s funny watching you rub your clitty like that, that’s a more feminine way to masturbate.  You can’t keep your hands off that clitty in your panties, can you slut?

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