Sneak away on Christmas Day

You don’t want to spend the day with them. You’d rather be stroking and obeying, right? So why don’t you make your excuses and sneak away…

MERRY CHRISTMAS LOSER! And what a surprise, Christmas day, a time for family, exchangging gifts, spending time with people you love, all of that, yet here you are, sneaking away to worship Me! On a normal Christmas day I wake up early, gift my family their gifts, vsit extended family etc. But you couldn’t wait for sneak away from yours and jerk it, could you? Couldn’t wait to escape the festive spirit. Sneak away, buy clips, be humiliated and jerk it. you’re such an addict! Have you been looking for an opportunity to escape all day? Did you start to get a bit moody with them? Hahahahahaha!
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