Rewiring your brain

This week I’ve been enjoying meditation every morning, I think it’s good to clear the mind and set your intentions for the day. Your man brain needs rewiring and that starts today.

When you get into bed tonight, I want you to drift off to the sound of My voice using My financial domination relaxation and meditation MP3,  which you can find on Niteflirt, Clips4Sale or IWantClips. Let My voice soothe you, calm your mind, clear it and fill it with thoughts of submission and servitude. Ending every day this way will change the way you think.

When you wake, you should start the day with My brand new morning motivation MP3, via Niteflirt, Clips4Sale or IWantClips. Helping you to set your intentions for the day and serve Me better. My pleasure should always come first!

Should you need a sharp reminded of you position and a sprinkle of humiliation, I released Loser Loop earlier this week. You might find yourself listening for hours on end, until the message truly sinks in.


Perhaps you want to go deeper for Me, in which case, you need My hypnosis MP3s.


It’s time to relax. Time to let go. Open your mind and let Me in. It’s time to obey. Let My voice guide you into a deep, relaxing trance before I empty your mind and fill it with the desire to obey and please. Fall under My spell. Be mine. You belong to Me now and you will obey, always. It’s time to obey.

It’s so easy to fall in love with Me. As you listen to My voice, you can’t deny it. I’ll guide you into a relaxing, warm, safe trance and before you know what’s happened, you’ll be my lovesick puppy!

You want to be a good boy for Me, but something is holding you back. Sit back, relax, get comfortable while My voice guides you into deep trance. Clearing your mind, emptying your head, then filling it with the desire to serve and please Me. My voice will consume you, gently rewiring your brain to suit Me. Penetrating you to your core, turning you into My good boy.

Be a good boy,

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