Tasks and blackmail

I’m getting back into running right now after various injuries, which means extra yoga and strength training to try to prevent even more injuries. Alongside various other fun things in My personal life, I’m being kept very very busy. I am still working away on My website behind the scenes and I have so many ideas!

I did take the time to work on My new slave tasks, for cash slaves and sissies so far, but you can expect more soon. I am also considering adding a blackmail page, or an exposure page. Just to show off some of the amusing photos boys just like you send Me.

Speaking of blackmail, I added a new blackmail clip at the weekend which is more suited to those who are usually too pussy to go through with their ultimate fantasy, which probably means you, right?

Blackmail debt
You collect blackmail videos. you have so many, yet you are too spineless to follow through. It seems so final, doesn’t it? The idea of handing over your info, being owned and extorted for life? It is final. And scary. And sexy. I love it! But you are not ready for a lifetime of slavery. how about blackmail-lite instead? It’s not forever… but it’s just as intense. Think you can handle that?
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Can’t stop ruining your life
You poor fool. You hate yourself, don’t you? You hate what you are, you hate that you’re so weak, you hate being such an addict. But there’s nothing you can do about it. I bet you’ve tried to change, but you crawl back again and again. You can’t change your desires, nor who you are at heart. You crawl back for more and more humiliation, for more risky behaviour. You can’t seem to break away from the desire to ruin your own life. You blame Me for it, but it’s all you.
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Limp dick loser can’t get it up for vanilla
Did you really think that you could be normal after all I’ve done to you, after all I’ve said to you? You actually thought that this was just talk, just fun, that it didn’t really mean anything? Oh oh, you made a mistake there. But you know that now. You tried to have sex and you couldn’t get it up for her! That’s not who you are anymore idiot, that part of your life is gone forever. You’ve gone too far to be hnormal now! Anyway, she’ll probably tell her friends and they’ll laugh at you, so don’t even think about trying again!
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I will be filming tomorrow and Thursday, you may make a suggestion or request a custom here.

Spending big is how you invest in My happiness, which should always be your priority. Be a good boy!
Mz Sienna Foxx

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